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Welcome Misbah UL Quran Trust is one of the leading publishers, distributors, exporters & wholesalers of Urdu books.

We have been involved in the wholesale business of literary books for the last sixteen years. We are also the proud recipients of best achievement award from Government of Pakistan. We have received this award more than 15 times.

We export books from Pakistan to Middle East and Europe and also supply books throughout Pakistan. We specialize in arranging and helping Libraries as per their requirement.

We are the sole distributors of Federal Board and Oxford University Press textbooks, in the Middle East.

As an organization which sells, distributes and publishes books, we have the following objectives:

    Promoting Urdu Literature
    Encouraging new Writers/Poets
    Helping people in increasing their knowledge

Our Latest Published Books
Kalam-e-Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali (a.s)Jild-2,Nehjulbalagha ki sharah
Kalam-e-Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali (a.s)Jild-1,Nehjulbalagha ki sharah
Kalam-e-Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali (a.s)Jild-3,Nehjulbalagha ki sharah
Hazrat Ali (a.s)
Hazrat Muhammad s-a-w-a-w
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-1
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-2
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-3
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-4
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-5
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-6
Tafseer-e-Mubeen (Khulasa-tul-Tafaseer) Para-7
Mafateehul Hayat
Tafseer Namona
Oswat ul Rasool(s.w) Jild 1
Tafseer e Noor
Ma,ad Jild 3
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